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Bracket Racing 101

CFMP - Bracket Racing 101
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Have you ever had the want and desire to go out to the drag strip, compete against some of the best racers in the midwest!  Go home at the end of the day with a trophy, or better yet some cold hard cash in your hand, but you just didn't fully understand Bracket Racing!!


Bracket Racing 101 is the program for you!!! New for 2016, during our all new Wednesday Night Street Drags, CFMP will offer up a class session for a group of individuals that will teach you the basics of Bracket Racing.  Our instructors have well over 20years experince in the sport and have held numerous titles in both IHRA and NHRA. 


Gates open at 6:00pm and class sessions will begin approximately at 6:30pm.  Students of these classes will learn the basics of the sport from dialing in your car, the burnout, staging and launching.  This is a perfect setting if you have ever wanted to get in all the fun of drag racing.  In addtion to all the information you will learn, CFMP will extend to you one (1) entry into the trophy class during the next Saturday points race!!


So let's recap.  On Street Race Wednesday's, You purcahse your $25 Tech card for test and tune.  You pariticipate in our FREE Bracket Racing 101 class.  Learn some great information, and get a FREE entry into the Trophy class during the next Saturday Points Race to utilize that knowledge!!


For more information on our Bracket Racing 101 course call the CFMP office at: 319-899-1905

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